Oh no! to Oh wow!

Water damage is the pits.  We’re not talking about a little water that leaks under your sink and balloons your MDF/particleboard cabinet either.  So if the unfortunate major flooding from your upstairs neighbor happens, take a page out of my client’s playbook and use that as an opportunity to finally do that kitchen remodeling project.  Although it was a challenging several months, I’d have to say that the kitchen looks gorgeous!  My client had impeccable tastes that translated into a simple, yet very polished design.  With a mix of custom items where it counted (the cabinets) and stock/prefab (countertops), she was able to not break the bank while still pulling off an expensive-looking space.  I really enjoyed working with her (sometimes I felt like she read my mind!) and the first person I’ve met who knew about and shared a love for Heath Ceramics.

Key Project Details

  • Custom cabinets to maximize small kitchen utilizing all space including a custom drawer directly under the cooktop
  • Satin cabinet finish to blend with natural woods in living room
  • Mitered edges on bar countertop for clean lines and appearance of weight
  • Hex tile backsplash to break-up rectangular shapes