3-week full kitchen remodel

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Imagine sailing through your full kitchen remodel, including a new tile floor and knocking down a partial wall, in just under three weeks. Rare, but possible with the help of a great client (thanks Arlene!) who was prepared and knew that they wanted, and a motivated contractor and crew. This single-family home in Mililani, Hawaii hadn’t been changed in over 30 years and with the laminate doors starting to peel at the corners, it was time to finally create a kitchen space this couple could love.

Furniture in the adjoining dining room and family room contained more traditional medium-tone woods, so to blend the kitchen into the style of the rest of the home, my client selected honey maple shaker stock cabinets.

Oh no! to Oh wow!

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Water damage is the pits.  We’re not talking about a little water that leaks under your sink and balloons your MDF/particleboard cabinet either.  So if the unfortunate major flooding from your upstairs neighbor happens, take a page out of my client’s playbook and use that as an opportunity to finally do that kitchen remodeling project.  Although it was a challenging several months, I’d have to say that the kitchen looks gorgeous!  My client had impeccable tastes that translated into a simple, yet very polished design.  With a mix of custom items where it counted (the cabinets) and stock/prefab (countertops), she was able to not break the bank while still pulling off an expensive-looking space.  I really enjoyed working with her (sometimes I felt like she read my mind!) and the first person I’ve met who knew about and shared a love for Heath Ceramics.

Key Project Details

  • Custom cabinets to maximize small kitchen utilizing all space including a custom drawer directly under the cooktop
  • Satin cabinet finish to blend with natural woods in living room
  • Mitered edges on bar countertop for clean lines and appearance of weight
  • Hex tile backsplash to break-up rectangular shapes

Beachy Peachy Keen

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I’ve been excited for this project for over half a year now and it has finally hit the market!  Through hard work and vision, Adam transformed this property and I loved seeing it come to life and the final outcome.  Kitchen is so open and airy, and blends seamlessly with the adjoining spaces.  The appliances are well “hidden” and the cabinets tied in with the rest of the home’s trimwork.  Lots of effort and work went into this home, so the new owners will be extremely happy and the neighborhood gets another beautiful property.  Looking forward to the next project!

Below are just the real estate photos for now.  I’ll be adding the full resolution ones when I get them.